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Ron Houck and Pamela Jones have been performing music together as Mood Swing, for over 19 years, at pubs, fairs and festivals around the country and at their own venue, “Mood Swing The Club”, in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Although most well known for his bass playing (upright and electric), the guitar has been Ron’s instrument of choice. They are often joined by Sir Walter Raleigh, their 11 year-old Border Collie mix, and yes, he DOES sing. There are several songs that he loves and knows quite well, including originals: “Raleigh’s Blues” and “Bloom Where You’re Planted.”

Great Entertainers with comedy and heart !
Performing as an acoustic duo, Ron and Pamela create a dynamic sound, with unique harmonies and bold solos. Great entertainers with comedy and heart! Mood Swing provides the perfect entertainment for any event, large or small, with a variety of music including rock, folk, bluegrass and originals.

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Telephone inquiries/booking: 541-884-6867
PO BOX 7583 Klamath Falls, OR 97602


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Moodswing has three CD's available: "Bloom Where You're Planted" an acoustic rock album, with five originals and cover tunes from the Everly Brothers, Joni Mitchell, the Beatles and more. Also "Thursday Night at the Club," a jazz CD with great standards and five originals. Most recently: "Still in the Mood" - a live CD recorded in 2011. 
All three are available at $15 each.


Friday 3
Old Town Pizza 8pm-10pm
Thursday 16

The Pikey - 610 Main St. 6pm-8pm
               (former Waldo's location)

Friday 17
Mia's & Pia's 8pm-10pm
Saturday 18
The Pikey - 610 Main St. 5pm-7pm
        (NEW! former Waldo's location)
Tuesday 21
Greensprings Inn 6pm-8pm
Saturday 25
The Pikey - 610 Main St. 5pm-7pm
Thursday 30
The Pikey 5-7pm
Thursday 7
The Pikey 5-7pm
Friday 8
Old Town Pizza 8pm-10pm
Saturday 9
The Pikey 5-7pm
Tuesday 12
Greensprings Inn 6pm-8pm
Thursday 14
The Pikey 5-7pm
Saturday 16
The Pikey 5-7pm
Thursday 21
The Pikey 5-7pm
Saturday 23
The Pikey 5-7pm
Thursday 28
The Pikey 5-7pm
Saturday 30
Link River Festival 2pm
Sunday 31
The Pikey 4pm - ?
Thursday 4
The Pikey 5-7pm
Friday 5
The Creamery 6pm-8pm
Saturday 6
The Pikey 5-7pm
Tuesday 9
Greensprings Inn 6-8pm
Thursday 11
The Pikey 5-7pm
Thursday 18
The Pikey 5-7pm
Friday 19
Mia's & Pia's 8-10pm
Saturday 20
The Pikey 5-7pm
Sunday 21
Collier State Park -Living History Day- 1pm
Thursday 25
The Pikey 5-7pm
Saturday 26
Old Town Pizza 8pm-10pm
Saturday 27
The Pikey 5-7pm
Wednesday 1
The Creamery 7pm-9pm
Saturday 4
2700 Front St, Klamath Falls, OR 97601
(541) 883-3339
Tuesday 7
Greensprings Inn 6-8pm
Thursday 16
Third Thursday 6pm-8pm (3 hour show!)
Saturday 18th
The Creamery 6pm-9pm
Friday 24
Old Town Pizza 8pm-10pm
Friday 31
Mia's & Pia's 8pm-10pm
Friday 7
Old Town Pizza 8pm-10pm
Tuesday 11
Greensprings Inn 6-8pm
Saturday 15
The Creamery 6pm-9pm (3 hour show!)
Wednesday 26
The Creamery 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 1
Greensprings Inn - 6-8pm
Friday 4
Lake County Fair, Lakeview 5:45-745 pm
Saturday 5
Lake County Fair, Lakeview 1:30-3:30 pm
Sunday 6
Lake County Fair, Lakeview 11am - 1pm
Thursday 10
Tule Lake Fair - Times TBA
Friday 11
Tule Lake Fair - Times TBA
Saturday 12
Tule Lake Fair - Times TBA
Friday 18
Old Town Pizza 8pm-10pm
Tuesday 29
Greensprings Inn - 6-8pm
Contact us at 541-884-6867

"Excellent quality family entertainment!" -- Cindy Wright, CEO, Tulelake Butte Valley Fair

"Mood Swing always adds an enjoyable dimension to the fair. Thank you for the excellent shows!..........a great contrast to our entertainment line up..........Nothing but great comments with regard to your music." -- Dawn McLing, Klamath County Fair

"Mood Swing has the talent to make the public happy. They have captured their own unique sound.................With every performance they give the audience a variety of jazz, rhythm and blues and classic rock!.......Extremely professional entertainers and gifted musicians......One of those rare groups who genuinely cares about the success of every event." -- Jeanne Grove, CEO, Modoc County Fair

"Working with Pamela and Ron has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, nurturing my musical talent and teaching me the entertainment business. Through their music, I have learned the joy of bringing joy to others!" -- Sir Walter Raleigh, Mood Swing

Mood Swing highlights

Oregon Coast Music Festival, Oregon State Fair, California State Fair, Cycle Oregon and Eugene's premier jazz club, "Jo Federigo's." They’ve performed for many county fairs, including their own local Klamath County Fair for 19 years.